In fact, it was quite difficult for me to put an introduction on paper with this „case“. On the one hand this is due to the fact that the tested product has existed for about 9 years and on the other hand that it is not a case in the actual sense. As the title already suggests, the Lian Li PC-T60B is a so-called benchtable. This term already contains the actual purpose of such a product: a benchtable should facilitate the creation of benchmarks with different graphics cards and processor platforms.
In my case, however, it will serve another purpose. Since I currently mainly review cases, I always need a test system. Since this test system is also my main system and I need a platform for troubleshooting purposes in my family and circle of friends that can be disassembled quickly, the typical housings are simply too impractical for me. That’s why two years ago I built my first own benchtable out of wood. Although this is small and quite pleasant to transport, it does not offer any...
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