Smartphone manufacturer Motorola wants to launch two new smartphones on the German market at once: the Moto G9 Plus and the Moto E7 Plus. Both devices are to shine with convincing hardware at a fair price.
Much revised compared to the predecessor
The manufacturer was very busy with his two new devices. After all, in contrast to the respective previous generation, a lot has happened. For example, the Moto G9 Plus now offers a 6.8-inch Max Vision FHD+ display and with its Snapdragon 730G, a lot of power under the hood. Features of the smaller and more affordable E7 Plus are also impressive.
Larger display and larger battery
The difference to the predecessors, which is probably the most noticeable, is the display size. While the Moto G8 Plus offered „only“ 6.3 inches, the new generation has a 6.8 inch display. Thanks to the combination of the FHD+ display and HDR10, this should not only provide a razor-sharp image, but also a high-contrast one. In the Moto E7, the display is again...
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