After many companies had already cancelled their participation in the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in the previous days, the entire trade fair in Barcelona has now been cancelled.
Until recently, it was still said that the operator was taking numerous security precautions, but that the event would take place in any case. For example, Asians from the region of origin should be excluded from the event. The risk was to be reduced through identity checks and health certificates, and there were to be numerous increased hygiene measures on the grounds. All this is now overdue.
As John Hoffmann, CEO of the GSMA, which organises the Mobile World Congress, announced to Bloomberg, it is impossible to organise the event due to the corona virus.

JUST IN: The 2020 Mobile World Congress has been canceled by GSMA because of #coronavirus fears.
In an emailed statement, John Hoffman, the CEO of GSMA, said the outbreak...