About 25 years ago, The Need for Speed was the starting shot for one of the most successful racing series. On November 8th, 2019 Ghost Games delivered Need for Speed Heat, the current offshoot of The Need for Speed, and send you on a hot patch again. Whether the developers have learned from the mistakes of the past and have larded the title this time with tough opponents, you can find out in the following test.
A ride at night
The story in Need for Speed Heat is quickly told and serves only as a loose accessory. The plot is set in the city of Palm City, which is under the control of the somewhat questionable cop Lt. Frank Mercer, who uses his very own methods in the fight against illegal car racing. While you prove your skills in legal races during the day, you explore the wild street racing scene at night, in which not only the cops, but also various crews are on your heels. With each new race, you’ll improve your reputation in the scene and soon realize that this city only really...