Noveto Systems took on a challenge that may sound impossible to common sense. The goal was to make a sound audible directly at the user’s ear – without headphones. The start-up from faraway Israel seems to have made the impossible possible with its revolutionary Soundbeamer 1.0. Are we in for a revolution here!
Years of development
Noveto Systems is a small Israeli start-up founded by friends Noam Babayoff and Toner Shan. Since its inception ten years ago, they have been toiling away at the dream of enabling immediate sound without headphones. Now, their idea is finally bearing fruit with the Noveto Soundbeamer 1.0. Achieving this ambitious goal was only possible through the development of an innovative technology. As the name suggests, the Soundbeamer is supposed to send sound to the human ear like a classic beamer. This could make headphones obsolete in the future.
Noveto receives celebrity support
Meanwhile, a number of celebrities have expressed enthusiasm for the new...

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