OnePlus presents with the 7T a new smartphone of the price-related middle class, which has definitely higher ambitions. With a 90 Hz display, the latest Snapdragon chip and a triple camera, it can certainly be seen and measured against current top-class smartphones.
The Display: Frame Rate 90 Hz
The display of the new OnePlus smartphone is probably the most surprising component. With a frame rate of 90 Hz, it skilfully outshines a number of competitors. The fact that it is special in some way is already noticeable at first glance: The 6.55-inch diagonal display occupies almost the entire front of the smartphone. Only a small notch and an extremely narrow edge remain free. In this respect, OnePlus pursues the same goal as Samsung, Apple and Co – and is just as successful.
But what’s really special – as already mentioned – is the refresh rate. It is especially helpful for fast games. But it is also noticeable in the normal use of the device – the higher the refresh rate, the smoother...
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