The Phanteks Eclipse P300 is a Midi-Tower from the middle price segment with features you wouldn’t expect in this price range. With integrated RGB-LED-lighting and a tinted tempered glass side panel, the case mixes up its price class and is not only a visual eye-catcher, but also very functional, as we will show in this review.
The left side of the Eclipse P300 is particularly striking, as the upper part is made of tinted tempered glass, while the lower quarter is made of aluminium. This is probably intended to reduce production costs, but also has the advantage that the power supply is not visible from the side. A small light strip at the lower edge creates a colorful ambience and can be controlled together with the light of the power button via a switch on the case or via software on a compatible motherboard. The front consists of a smooth surface and looks very minimalistic, while the upper side has a mesh surface in the rear area...
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