If you are convinced of the concept of Surviving Mars, you will certainly have Surviving the Aftermath on your label. In both cases, you should build a colony in a hostile environment. At first we only have a short preview, because the game from Paradox Interactive is still in early access.
The earth has been devastated by a meteor and more natural disasters are just around the corner. Bandits and radioactive fallout are also dangers that are causing you trouble. Even before we start the game, we have to make some decisions. The level of difficulty is determined by the choice made. For example, you can decide how many survivors you start with or how often food and resources are available. New challenges are always inevitable.
The beginning – with many tutorials
Frankly, the controls and gameplay aren’t really intuitive at first. Fortunately, the tutorials are extensive and explain the most important elements. You should use them. With your survivors and the starting raw materials...