The FileHub RP-WD009 from RAVPower is a clever gadget that combines several functions. It can be used as a mobile WLAN hard drive for tablets or smartphones, or as a backup tool to copy data from an SD card to a USB device without a computer. The FileHub also acts as a router, access point or WLAN repeater/bridge.
This makes the RP-WD009 the perfect companion for photographers and videographers who want to back up their data on the go without having to carry a laptop with them.

Design and processing
Visually, the small black data server can convince by a simple, inconspicuous design. If you don’t take a closer look, you might think you have a simple power bank in front of you. With dimensions of 113 x 77 x 23 mm (L x W x H) it is also not much bigger than such a bag and therefore fits in every pocket. The case is only made of plastic, but it feels good and in no way cheap.

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