With the Atheris, Razer introduced a wireless gaming mouse with a battery life of 350 hours. This is made possible by Bluetooth LE, but a faster connection via 2.4 GHz is also available. However, due to this and the high-resolution sensor with a resolution of up to 7,200 dpi, it should still be suitable for gaming. Due to its small size it is also predestined for mobile use. You’ll find out if it’s any good in our test.
Optically, the Athersis presents itself in a simple design typical for Razer. Matt black dominates and shapes the gaming mouse. The rubber grips on the side are grooved, in the middle there is a black mouse wheel and quite far back there is the logo of course. So Razer doesn’t dare to experiment with Atheris in terms of design. Instead, the bet is on the tried and tested. However, the missing chroma lighting is conspicuous. The Razer Atheris can therefore not be illuminated with a colour of your choice, it does not glow at all.
All in all, the Razer Atheris...
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