Razer presents three new peripherals. While the mouse and keyboard presented here are below the other models in their respective series in terms of quality and price, the new headset is intended to be a classic successor to the previous generation.
Basilisk Essential: A slimmed down version of the Basilisk mouse
The new gaming mouse „Basilisk Essential“ is subject to the standard basilisk in all points. While the normal basilisk uses a PixArt sensor, the Essential version uses an unspecified no-name sensor with a maximum of 6,400 DPI. The resolution can be set in five steps between 200 and said 6,400 DPI. However, Razer does not use the two keys used in the standard version, which allow a precise DPI value change. Instead, there is only one button for setting the resolution – the DPI value can therefore only be changed sequentially.
With values of 5.6 metres per second and 294 metres per square second respectively, speed...
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