Öfters hier
According to a announcement by Razer, a left-handed version of the Razer Naga will be released next year. Gamers who are interested in the mouse can already pre-register for the product at Razer. The company wants to find out how big the demand for special left-handed gaming products really is.
As Razer announced, „planning a left-handed mouse has been a difficult journey so far, as it is a project that has caused large costs at low demand“. This is mainly due to the necessary recalibration of the production machines and the quality tests of the finished mice, which have to be carried out again due to the conversion. Although the Razer Naga in the left-handed version is actually only a mirrored conventional Razer Naga, according to Razer the development and production effort is at the level of a completely new development.

About ten percent of all people worldwide are left-handed. Until...