The manufacturer Razer already released the gaming mouse „Viper“ in 2004. The model fascinated by the symmetrical construction, so it was suitable for right- and left-handers. 15 years later, the company launched a new model under the same name. The current version also places value on the symmetrical design, but the mouse should primarily be popular because of its low weight.
Astounding Lightweight
The mechanical keys are replaced by optical sensors. The users interrupt an infrared beam on the action keys, this serves as a click and is therefore three times faster than a mechanical mouse. Razer specifies the reaction time as 0.2 milliseconds. This is still below the USB signal rate of one millisecond. With bad luck, the USB signal is limited here.
The renouncement of technical components is a next advantage, because the wear is smaller and the life span lasts longer. The new Viper is supposed to withstand about 70 million clicks, which is 20 million times more than a normal mouse...

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