Just recently, Corsair announced the release of a new Cabide series case, and the Carbide SPEC-06 RGB test report is now available. With the curved LED strip in the front, Corsair sets real accents. How the case otherwise performs in our test, you can read here.
The Carbide Series is suitable for every purse. For this there are always interesting and special designs. The new Carbide SPEC-06 has a curved line in the front that is complemented by LED lighting. In the RGB version the colour can be freely adjusted, in the normal version our white housing would also have a white LED in the front. The front itself is made of plastic and can be detached from the case without much effort. The steel frame of the case makes a solid impression. Due to the frame and the glass pane, the case without hardware is a real heavyweight with 7.8 kg and comes with hardware and data carrier already on more than 10 kg...
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