Good flat screen televisions can now be found in almost every living room. But who thinks of the ears? – the television manufacturers often do not. As a rule, every PC loudspeaker is better than the sound preserves built into the TV. Films and Co. are unthinkable without sound, therefore good sound is not to be neglected. A sound bar is the most popular addition to home cinema in Germany. A look at this test is therefore worthwhile in any case.
The German manufacturer is making a lot of noise about the product description of the test object:
[Die]* Cinebar Duett is Teufel’s brute answer to all the limp sound bears in the acoustically dried out living rooms of crisis-ridden cineastes.
Who leans so far out of the window, can also fall deeply. I unpack the middle class model „Cinebar Duett“ for basic tutorials and listen very carefully...
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