evnbetter presents its new digital addressable RGB solution consisting of a sophisticated LightControl unit called #1 and LED strips. This allows you to synchronously control the lighting inside the housing as well as the LED devices outside the computer. There are three different LED strip variants: The xcd 1 baseline, flexible digital RGB strips (also called ARGB or DRGB strips) with individually addressable LEDs, the xcd 2 slimline with diffuse LED strips thanks to evnLight technology and the xcd 3 wideline with diffuse strips, which are also slightly wider.

#1 – An RGB controller to showcase
The heart of the whole light effect system is the control unit called #1. This is an illuminated RGB LED controller with 4 buttons and connectors for digitally addressable RGB strips with 3-pin 5VDG system (xx_x). This allows 144 ARGB LEDs to be controlled twice, a total of 288. The 4×4 centimetre housing has transparent key elements on the top. So you can see the matt black, illuminated...