With the Kova Aimo, Roccat launched a new mouse this March that adds Aimo functionality to the Kova Pure, which was launched in 2015. There are no further changes to the mouse, i.e. the Kova Aimo takes over the Pro-Optic Sensor R6 and the complete layout of its predecessor. In addition, there are again two colour variants: The mouse is available in black and white.
The Kova Aimo cost 60 Euro to start with and is now available for € 49,99 and € 49,99 respectively. If Roccat’s slight update is enough, that the well-known Kova is still a recommendable mouse, you will find out in the following test.

Scope of Delivery
The Kova Aimo is delivered in a black, colour printed cardboard box. Roccat does not use any accessories worth mentioning. Besides the...
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