With the „Galaxy Note 9“, Samsung once again presented a premium smartphone, which is intended to appeal above all to lovers of particularly large devices. The successor of the „Galaxy Note 8“ has been available in stores for a few weeks now and is already attracting some attention. We also wanted to take a closer look at the new Phablet model and subjected it to intensive testing. The test results, which should certainly also be of particular interest in the context of a purchase decision, can be found in the following lines.
Design and Workmanship
After unpacking the device, you will notice one point in particular: It’s big. Its dimensions of 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 millimetres are similar to those of flagship smartphones from other manufacturers. The 6.4 inch display eventually has to go somewhere. The relatively high weight of 201 grams does not surprise in view of the enormous size further...
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