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Through a gap in the network of Xbox Live, the mail addresses to the Gamertags could be easily spied out.
Weakness not critical at first!
Xbox Live had a security hole in its network, this allowed to find out the mail addresses to the gamer tags. Responsible for security at Microsoft is the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC). They did not consider the problem to be critical for the time being. In their opinion, mail addresses are not sensitive data and would not pose a security risk. The MSRC therefore does not want to pursue the issue any further. However, the problem was then forwarded to the team responsible for this issue and they saw the whole thing, but in a slightly different way than MSRC. The team became active immediately and the bug was fixed.
Hacker informed about the gap!
The vulnerability was discovered by a hacker. This hacker contacted the magazine Motherboard and pointed out the vulnerability in the network. The vulnerability was found on the Xbox...

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