German audio specialist Sennheiser presents its latest gaming headset, the GSP 370. The wireless device uses the same audio technology as its predecessors, but is expected to offer relevant advantages over them due to a more powerful battery and an almost latency-free connection.
Low latency connection
The new wireless gaming headset wants to score points above all with the low-latency connection , as Sennheiser calls it. The headset is connected to the output device via a USB dongle. This wireless type of connection allows a high degree of freedom of movement – but is usually inferior to a wired connection in terms of transmission quality. Sennheiser would now like to eliminate this disadvantage of wireless connections: „The GSP 370 is intended to enable a transmission quality that is in no way inferior to that of wired headsets. The dongle can be used with computers as well as with PlayStation 4 and the Mac.

Powerful battery and high quality sound
The second highlight of the new...