With the Sennheiser GSP 550 gaming headset, we have tested a device that we approached with high expectations. While the vast majority of gaming headsets are in the upper two-digit euro range, Sennheiser is calling for a price of 250 euros for the GSP 550. Interested parties can expect a lot from this device if it is not absolutely overpriced. Although the price does not necessarily imply inner values, we have also been guided by this idea. So the GSP 550 has undergone an extremely rigorous test – after all, you want your money well invested.
Scope of Delivery
After the package was opened with some anticipation, we realized that the scope of delivery was absolutely ordinary. Beside the headset there was a connection cable with a length of about 1.7 meters, which has a USB dongle on one side and a jack plug on the other side, as well as a connection cable with which the USB dongle could be connected to a PC, console or other device. We could also find an instruction manual in the...

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