The Sharkoon Elite Shark CA200 is a so-called E-ATX case, which is equipped with a glass wall and therefore always offers a view inside the case. With the Sharkoon Elite Shark CA200, the German manufacturer Sharkoon is now trying to penetrate the premium segment with its products and thus significantly expand its existing target group.
A lot of space for plenty of interior
With the Sharkoon Elite Shark CA200, users have one thing above all else – plenty of space. Graphics cards, for example, may be up to 42.5 cm in size, with an extra holder to ensure that the PCB does not bend. In addition, the housing offers the option of mounting an expansion card vertically. The CPU cooler may have a height of up to 165 mm, but this applies to most models in this range. The maximum length of the power supply unit is 24.5 cm.

The manufacturer has also made sure that there is plenty of space for the cooling system and that there will never be any problems. Radiators up to 420 mm can be used in...

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