Siri – The intelligent helper from Apple


More and more households are growing. Names like „Alexa“ and „Siri“ echo through more and more apartments. The smart helpers in your own four walls are not only becoming more popular, but also increasingly practical. While Alexa comes from Amazon, Siri is the artificial intelligence of Apple. But is Siri a real help or rather an annoying feature that nobody needs? In the following we would like to take a look at what or who Siri actually is and what she can do.
The profile
Apple introduced its AI with the release of the iPhone 4s. What was initially intended to make it easier for people with disabilities to use the device has increasingly developed into a sophisticated smart home solution. The name Siri is not a hair-trigger. It stands for Speech Interpretation Recognition Interface. Roughly speaking, Siri recognizes the spoken word of its users. After saying „Hey Siri“ or an alternative gesture, the speech assistant opens. Now the user can ask his question or ask Siri to take...