Higher, faster, further. Or: bigger, louder, more conspicuous. Also in the acoustics industry, new devices are becoming more and more exciting and seemingly better. They grow in height and in width. They are presented elaborately, offer ever more detailed sound, become ever louder. The bass must be extremely strong, the treble extremely high. And the case must reflect all that – loud, not to be overlooked, somehow innovative. The latter is of course difficult to achieve if everyone is striving in the same direction. In order to actually be striking and innovative, most manufacturers try to surpass all existing devices with their new devices and to be different in this way – always a little bigger, always a little stronger.
The Soundgil device tested by us, which bears the name „Cube 2.1“, is strikingly different at first glance in any case. But it stands out in a completely different way. It seems to break with the usual ideas of the acoustic equipment manufacturer industry today...

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