Word has spread that gamers expect other things from a headset than music lovers. Gaming headsets should sit comfortably even after hours, they should enable the location of sounds in virtual space and they should offer latency-free and clear sound wherever possible.
The headset „Arctis 1“ from SteelSeries must live up to this claim if it is not to be torn apart by the target group. We wanted to find out whether and to what extent this would succeed and therefore subjected it to a strict test.
Design and Workmanship
Once unpacked, the headset presents itself surprisingly simple. At first, it has little in common with the average gaming headphones expected in the package. It looks downright dainty and is by no means daringly designed. SteelSeries relies on black and doesn’t give the headphones any conspicuous or even futuristic elements. This design may disappoint one or the other user. However, it can, if you like, be placed in the context of a larger trend. If you believe the...

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