With the gaming mouse Sensei Ten, gaming specialist SteelSeries presents a successor to the popular eSports mouse Sensei. According to the manufacturer, the Sensei is one of the most frequently used mice in eSports.
With the successor SteelSeries continues to rely on the well-known form of the Sensei. Optically there is hardly any difference between the two mice. Changes were made almost exclusively on a technical level and thus under the surface. For example, the new Sensei mouse is equipped with a True-Move-Pro sensor, which was developed in cooperation with PixArt. This sensor offers 1-to-1 tracking, 18,000 CPI and a track speed of 450 IPS. This should make it ideal for use in professional eSports. In addition, the sensor has a kind of tracking stabilization that ensures that the mouse pointer is guided as intended by the person playing, especially during fast movements and inclined maneuvers...
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