In the meantime, every manufacturer of gaming peripherals has equipped all its products with RGB lighting. SteelSeries now follows with the Qck Prism. As the name suggests, it was specially adapted for the Prism series and therefore also supports Engine 3. What the mouse pad can do and whether it is worth putting around 75 euros on the table, we tell you in the test.
As with every SteelSeries product, the mouse pad arrives in a high-quality cardboard box. With a dimension of 292 x 356 x 9 mm (WxDxH) it is a little bigger than normal mouse pads. The special thing about the Qck Prism is the RGB lighting and the mouse pad with the two surfaces. The base in which the reversible mouse pad lies contains the lighting. The two surfaces of the mouse pad are aimed at two different target groups. The hard plastic surface is designed for high sensitivity, whereas the micro texture of the fabric surface ensures precision. The 1.8 meter long cable is attached to the left side...
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