The Sensei was once one of the most popular gaming mice from SteelSeries. Over the years it became visibly obsolete and was forgotten. Not so long ago its manufacturer revived it. The proven design is joined by the latest technology. So the Sensei should be able to act as Sensei Ten again on the height of the time. We were able to test the new model.
Scope of Delivery
We can deal with this point very briefly: The mouse is delivered with a connecting cable and the usual notes. More is not necessary for operation. The software, with which numerous settings can be adjusted, can be obtained via the Internet. It is available free of charge.
Design and Workmanship
The Sensei design is simple. No unusual elements, bright colours or similar extravagances are used. Only the manufacturer’s logo is relatively large – it can also be illuminated. In addition, the mouse wheel is equipped with RGB LEDs...