With the recent hardware event, Microsoft has officially entered the headphone market. A year ago, hardly anyone would have associated a sound device with the name Microsoft. With the Surface Headphones, the Redmond company is entering a highly competitive ANC sector that is otherwise only conquered by companies such as Sony, Bose or Sennheiser. Can Surface headphones compete with their innovative design? You’ll find out in the test report!
Innovative design meets concrete grey
There is a lot of technology behind the grey façade, but nevertheless: you have to like the grey. There isn’t much variety and so far no further colour variations have been announced. But if you pay a little attention to details, you’ll notice that the colour alone doesn’t make a statement. On the one hand, the headphones stand out from the crowd due to the bend in the temple and thus appear less ostentatious. They nestle against the head of the wearer. The temples and ear cups are nicely padded, and you can...