Tesla’s superchargers are in great demand and the company can hardly keep up with the expansion. That’s why they decided to use additional mobile superchargers at some highly frequented charging stations. For example, diesel generators are not used for the power supply.
The mobile superchargers are powered by a large rechargeable battery called a megapack, which is also manufactured by Tesla. It lies on a low-bed trailer, around it are charging stations where the cars can plug on each other.
According to the company, such a megapack has up to 3 MWh storage capacity – enough to charge up to 100 Tesla vehicles. According to information from users, the individual charging stations will be able to charge the connected cars with up to 125 kW. Tesla owners had discovered such a mobile supercharger network in San Luis Obispo, California. There was a truck trailer with Megapack and suitable charging stations, as several...