The great radiator fan test (140 mm)

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All-in-one water cooling systems, or AIO for short, were still a niche in the enthusiast sector until a few years ago, and custom water cooling systems were a nerdy speciality. However, this has changed in the meantime and you can find radiators in modern computers more and more often. Accordingly, the relevance of fans that … (Weiterlesen...)
Nice test but are these best for push or pull on a rad? Static pressure matters. Too bad Phanteks T30 only has a 120mm. I’d like to see it compare.
Thank you.
Those tests were all done in a push configuration - but they had to pull through the front mesh of the case. But yeah, I'd have loved to see Phanteks fans in this comparison and I can say I'd be really interested to see a 140 mm version of the T30 indeed!

But indeed different setups might lead to different results. Pull confugurations usually tend to get slightly better results but with fan blades so close behind the radiator fins the noise increases as well.