They Increase Critical Hits: The Best Gaming Mice


Modern gaming setups can no longer be imagined without gaming mice. With better ergonomics and less input delay than standard office mice, they offer a significant advantage when gambling. They lie perfectly in the palm of the hand and are equipped with robust buttons to survive any wild match. The resolution of the sensor (DPI) is important when choosing the right gaming mouse. Higher values mean higher sensitivity. With many models, this can even be changed directly at the touch of a button while playing – perfect for snipers and quickly changing requirements. The majority of professional e-athletes, however, do not use a resolution beyond 2,000 DPI. Larger values nevertheless have their reason for existence – for example, they increase the rotation speed of the character in the game or allow the comfortable movement of the mouse pointer on a high-resolution display without having to constantly remove the rodent.
All candidates have a series of macro keys, which can be...

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