At the IFA TP-Link will present various new smart home products. These include light bulbs, light strips and cameras. The Chinese manufacturer has a comprehensive presence in the smart home segment and is now massively expanding its portfolio of compatible products.
WLAN Light Bulbs
Among the new products are the two WLAN light bulbs KL50 and KL60. While older smart home light bulbs clearly show that they are by no means conventional models, the two new light bulbs from TP-Link look very similar to their classic counterparts. Both models are relatively compact and have a visible filament. The LED filament lamps, which are available in the colours „Soft White“ (KL50) and „Warm Amber“ (KL60), can be operated with the Kasa Smart App and via voice control. The app can also be used to combine them with other smart home lamps to form groups or to control them via time switching. They can also be regulated via a dimmer. Consumption, however, is up to 80 percent lower than that of a...

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