Trust and some selected FPS players have worked together on the gaming mouse, which is the subject of the following review. The claim of the mouse is clear: it is aimed at eSports enthusiasts and should even meet the demands of professionals. The experiences of the consulting professionals were included – so the concept behind the GXT 180 Kusan Pro seems to be very promising.
However, the following test will clarify whether the mouse is also so outstanding in practice.
Design and Workmanship
The mouse looks like a typical gaming mouse. With regard to the materials used, it appears to be of high quality. Moreover, it lies well in the hand and feels valuable. Optically the mouse doesn’t stand out from the crowd of gaming mice – it looks like you would expect from a gaming mouse. The manufacturer’s logo as well as the mouse wheel and side buttons are illuminated by LEDs whose color can be customized in the enclosed software...
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