What Is Coil Whine and How Can It Be Fixed?


Modern computers are not only very powerful, but also extremely user-friendly. For example, they are expected to make as little noise as possible. Every now and then, however, problems occur that lead to noise and leave the user unnerved and frustrated. The so-called coil beeping is particularly disturbing and at the same time little known. This guidebook will take a closer look at this. What is it about at all? How do I notice it? And perhaps most importantly: What can I do about it?
What is coil beeping?
From a technical point of view, the phenomenon of the coil beep is quickly explained. It is an unpleasant metallic noise that occurs when an electrical component begins to vibrate due to the energy flowing through it. Coil beeping is particularly common in voltage regulators. The energy flowing through the coil causes the wiring to vibrate at irregular intervals, resulting in a particularly unpleasant and therefore conspicuous noise. In addition, coil beeping occurs to a certain...

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