What’s Miracast?


Never heard of Miracast? You’re by no means alone in this. The standard, which has been spreading more and more since 2012, is hardly known, at least in Germany, outside the community of absolute technology enthusiasts. In this article we want to clarify briefly what Miracast is about.
Miracast as Screensharing Certificate
In the narrower sense Miracast is nothing more than a certificate issued by the WI-FI-Alliance. Miracast is an open standard that sets it apart from the competition.
Devices certified according to the standard are suitable for so-called screen sharing. This ultimately means that the image of a device can be transferred to another device without a cable or router. Miracast works exactly like Apple’s AirPlay or Samsung’s Screen Mirroring.
Miracast makes it possible, for example, to display a picture displayed on a smartphone on a TV or computer screen without having to resort to cabling. For this purpose, both devices connected in this way must be Miracast capable...

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