Why not defragment an SSD?


Classical hard disks (Hard Disk Drives) have the problem that their performance decreases over time if they are not optimized regularly. This is due to the way HDDs are built and how their data is stored and located. With SSDs (Solid State Drives), this problem does not seem to exist, and time and again you hear that you should not defragment SSDs for this reason. But why exactly? And what happens if you do it after all?
Defragment – what for anyway?
For a better understanding, let’s take another look at what the defragmentation process is actually supposed to do. Here is a small excursion into the world of classic hard disks and their signs of wear and tear: With HDDs, data is stored on electromagnetic turntables – in blocks and, as standard, one after the other. To read the data, the read head travels over the turntable and „searches“ for the corresponding location where the desired data block is located. With a new hard disk, this runs completely smoothly because the data...