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Days Gone Review: Exclusive Title with Weaknesses

Conclusion on Days Gone

Driving through Farewell as Deacon St. John and competing against masses of freaks is more than just fun. Fighting the hordes in particular has a tactical component that you wouldn’t expect in a survival game.

Days Gone is not only fun to play. Due to the Unreal Engine 4 the game also works well. Atmospherically, we feel like we’re being transported into the pandemic, we don’t just hear that, we also see that.

Although Days Gone is designed exclusively for PlayStation 4, it’s not free of flaws. There are corners and edges here and there, at which surely also screwing is done. With patches everything can be straightened out somehow.

So we can recommend the game, especially if the developer improves it.

+ thrilling story… – …,but nothing new
+ tactical battles against hordes
+ playable in several ways
– same mission sequence over and over again
+ Ammunition is rare – at the beginning you have to pay a lot of attention to the fuel
+ simple and understandable
+ quickly learnt, also for beginners
Graphic & Sound
+ designed with great attention to detail
+ works convincingly
– sometimes muddy graphics
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