Published in 2015, Anno 2205 turned out to be a true circumferential bombast, causing cheers among friends of futuristic worlds. Now the successful series has been back since 16 April with Anno 1800 and, despite a clear focus on its own roots, does not forego exciting innovations. Whether the current work of Ubisoft, including the class system, also poses challenges to connoisseurs of the series will be explained in more detail in our following test.
We Get Our Own Island
But let us first come to the story of Anno 1800: You will find yourself in the middle of the 19th century – a time of industrial revolution. You slip into the role of a young aspiring founder, whose father was sentenced by the crown and dies in prison. His once proud empire ends up in the clutches of your mocking uncle, who only has more contempt for you and your deceased father. From now on it is your mission to clear the name of the family and prove the innocence of your father. So you will settle your own...

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