Anthem has been and still is taken apart by the gaming press. Although BioWare is known for its high quality games, the reviews go to the basement. We have also tested Anthem and see if it is really that bad. In order to clarify this question, one or the other spoiler appears in this test!
BioWare is actually known for its comprehensive and historical productions of single-player games. Some names are for example Mass Effect, Dragon Age or Baldurs Gate. For many people the scenario of a Loot-Shooter in this development studio was strange. After some trailers, interviews and shown game material the hope of the fans was great.

In Anthem we move on the planet Bastion. In a high-tech combat suit, the Javelins, we complete every mission. Only in the city, Fort Tarsis, do we move outside the suit. Our goal, as part of...
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