A new Agon monitor with FreeSync, Display HDR-400 and WQHD resolution. The optics should be aggressive, the display large. We are talking about the new AG322QC4 from AOC. This gem is unmistakably aimed at gamers and was introduced some time ago as the successor to the AG322QCX. The model does not offer much new, but the few changes should have it in itself.
Is it worth investing almost 600 Euro for this screen? We wanted to know, and we tested him.
A sharp-edged stand, the typical stealth design and the bright red LED stripes on the back give a first impression of the purpose for which this monitor was created. Distinctive, eye-catching and somehow different from other screens, the AG322QC4 is clearly a gaming monitor. The display is slightly curved and measures 31.5 inches...
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