The „AG352QCX“ monitor from AOC promises a lot. In the 21:9 format with a 35 inch diagonal, the slightly curved screen looks huge at first. In addition, there is a rapid frequency of 200 Hz. The AOC monitor thus belongs to the trend towards ever higher frequencies.
According to the manufacturer, the screen is primarily aimed at gamers. Of course we appreciated this main purpose in our test – but a gaming screen in 21:9 format can also be used to work in word workmanship programs or spreadsheets. I personally only use this format both at work and at home.
We expect from a gaming monitor in this format above all an excellent resolution, an exact representation of the contents adapted to the respective format as well as sufficient speed for fast games with fast image or position changes.
You can find out what the AOC Agon AG352QCX can offer in our detailed test report.
Design and workmanship
The screen looks impressive and takes up some space. The 21:9 format looks unfamiliar at first...
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