Apple has finally updated its 21.5- and 27-inch iMacs after about two years. The small 21.5-inch model now has a basic Intel Quad-Core processor with 3.6 GHz, the 27-inch model even offers a processor with six cores. According to Apple, the computing line should be up to 60 percent higher, depending on the area of application.
The resolution of the 21.5-inch model is 4K, the resolution of the 27-inch model is 5K. The screen brightness of both models is 500 nits.
The updated version of the 27-inch model is available in three equipment variants starting at 2,099 euros. The processor of the basic version offers a clock rate of 3.0 GHz, for 2,299 Euro a processor with 3.1 GHz is installed and in the fastest version for 2,599 the processor clocks with 3.7 GHz. Alternatively, a processor with eight cores is also available, the upgrade of which costs 480 Euro or 600 Euro depending on the equipment version. Compared to its predecessor, Apple...
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