Basic Tutorials Guide: How to Find the Perfect Gaming Keyboard!


While the type of keyboard used at work for writing a handful of emails or typing a homework at school or college usually plays a minor role, choosing the right keys is essential for gamers. And not only in eSport: Even hobby players often attach great importance to a good keyboard. Only which one is right for you?
While there are also gaming headsets and mice in different modes and models, the market offers a wide selection of keyboards for gamers. Of course, one’s own taste is the decisive factor in the end and can deviate completely from test winners and co. Nevertheless, we want to give you some hints and tips on how to find the best keyboard for you and what features it should have in any case. Then you are ready for the next fight and will win against your friends in the next match.
Mechanical or Rubber
The first question is which type of keyboard you want to choose. We are not yet talking about the manufacturer, the specifications or even the colour, but about the choice...

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