At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, Samsung introduced the successor of the popular portable SSD T5. The Portable SSD T7 Touch is supposed to distinguish itself above all through its extensive security features. For example, unlocking takes place via fingerprint sensor.
A high level of data security
People are becoming more and more interested in their data. To ensure that no personal information reaches unwanted persons, appropriate security mechanisms are in greater demand than ever. Samsung is aware of this. The South Korean electronics giant has responded to the trend with the new Portable SSD T7 Touch. Thanks to a reliable fingerprint sensor on the top of the small SSD, the data is released for the authorised user. Of course, it is also possible to grant access to several users. In total, up to four fingerprints can be stored on the Portable SSD T7 Touch.
Fast and large memory
Samsung will launch the Portable SSD T7 Touch in different sizes. Starting at 500GB, the buyer can...