In cooperation with Uber, Hyundai developed an air taxi. The Personal Air Vehicle has now been presented at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. But that’s not all: Hyundai also presented a kind of utopian concept in which the air taxis could be used.
Mix of drone and small aircraft
The air taxi presents itself as a mixture of drone and small aircraft. It is equipped with both rotors and propellers, as it is intended to take off vertically. Inside it offers space for four passengers and one pilot. However, human control is explicitly designed only as a temporary solution: as soon as technology allows, the flight taxis are to fly autonomously. As soon as the technology allows, the air taxi will fly autonomously. The air taxi will be operated entirely electrically and is therefore probably more environmentally friendly than today’s standard aircraft.

As soon as the mini airplane has taken off, for which purpose the propellers can be folded up and used as additional rotors, it flies at an...