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The German overclocker Roman Hartung, better known as „der8auer“, presented a new water cooling concept at Computex 2019. Instead of individual heat sinks, the so-called der8auer LINC consists of a monoblock that includes the processor, the graphics card and large parts of the mainboard. The concept was presented during the fair with an Asus Dominus Extreme Mainboard.
The idea behind the monoblock originates from the graphics card design, where a single cooler has been supplying GPU, RAM and other components for quite some time. LINC (liquid interconnect cooling) goes one step further. Almost all components such as voltage converters, chipsets and network chips are cooled on the motherboard. Components that cannot be reached directly are connected to the central monoblock via additional heatpipes.
The biggest drawback of this solution is the variety of motherboard layouts that make it impossible to create a monoblock that is compatible with different motherboards. The concept will...

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