Publisher Electronic Arts wants to turn its own gaming platform Origin upside down. The reworking of the platform for PC games will bring about profound changes. That begins already with the name. Thus the service is called in the future EA Play.
Origin becomes EA Play
The name change can already be seen in Steam. There is already no more talk of EA Origin. Instead, the service has now been renamed EA Play. But it’s not just the name change. Electronic Arts has also announced that the new EA Play will be part of the Xbox Game Pass. Additional costs should not be incurred. Not only the service itself will be renamed, but also the desktop app. In the future it will be called „EA desktop App“.
EA wants a better user experience
Of course, Electronic Arts does not want to simply change the name of the service. According to Mike Blank, Senior Vice President of EA, the company simply wants to create a „better experience“ for users of the gaming platform. In addition to the more catchy...
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