More and more people are using the Payback service. Anyone who consents to their data being passed on or used will receive a Payback card which they can present when shopping in participating stores. For each purchase, points are booked onto the card, which can be exchanged for discounts and rewards. What many customers are not aware of, however, is the fact that the Payback points can also be exchanged for money.
How can I cash out my Payback points?
This exchange is only possible via the official „Payback“ website, which can be accessed at the Internet address Consumers should always make sure that they have really landed on the official website before logging in. If another URL is mentioned in the address line, it is probably a phishing attempt. Alternatively, the Payback app can of course also be used.
After logging in, most customers will search in vain for a way to receive cash...
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