The new HP Elite Dragonfly G2 is finally launched. The notebook was announced at CES last year, but was not released. But this year, the Dragonfly G2 is supposed to be ready. It comes with the energy-saving Tiger Lake CPUs and limits the battery to 13 watts.
Business notebook with low TDP
The HP Elite Dragonfly G2 is practically HP’s eye-catcher at this year’s CES. It relies on the power-saving Intel Tiger Lake processors and is supposed to be run with a low TDP. Which in turn will have a good impact on the battery life. The Dragonfly G2 limits the Tiger Lake U to 13 watts. That shouldn’t be a problem, since Intel has issued specifications of 12 to 28 watts for the processors. Meanwhile, the battery life is not yet specified. HP advertised a runtime of 24.5 hours for the first Dragonfly, but it remains to be seen whether the G2 will reach that. The Qualcomm X55 modem will also enable the 5G option that was announced last year.
HP relies on a 13.3-inch low-power display with Full HD...

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